House Rewiring
Total re-wire to code and/or as instructed within code. Most cost effective when walls/ceilings are open. Site estimate necessary.

New Residential and Commercial Wiring
All new wiring, gear and underground service conduit installed. Square foot pricing available for under 2000 sq. ft. Free estimates if plans are provided.

Generac Home Standby Generators
With a home standby generator, your home will never lose power again. Our generators activate automatically in the event of any power loss and restore power to your home within seconds. 22KW - $9500.00 plus permit.

Mobile Home Hook-ups
New and existing locations hook-ups are available. Underground service installs available. Phone estimates available.

Service Upgrades
Our specialty! 100 amp to 400 amp on residential available. Underground and overhead service change-out/conversions. JEA coordinating included. Call for phone estimate.

Safety Inspections
Visual inspections of building only. This includes interior, exterior, detached garages, attic access and inside panel. $510.00 includes permit, city inspection and minor repairs.

Panel Change-Outs
This situation is necessary on accommodating panel because of lack of breaker spaces on old/burned out panel buss (interior). Free estimates available. Service size remains the same amperage.

Parking Lot Lighting
Fully stocked bucket truck that has a maximum working height of 53 feet. No charge for travel time to supply house if needed. Same day service available. $125.00/hour

Sign Repairs
Neon, fluorescent or incandescent fixtures repaired. Lamps and ballast replacements. Warranty for 1 year.

Commercial Wiring
New, remodeling and tenant build-outs available. Emergency service available. Free estimates when plans provided.

Meter Can Repairs
Meter jaws, weather head and old service cable replacement/repairs. 24-hour service available! Permit and grounding of service included with repair.